Well, I’ve managed to lug myself out of bed after a rather long and… hm, what’s the word- INSANE- night of selling HP6. As most of you all know, I work at Chapters and was enlisted to work the Harry Potter midnight madness event.

I scrounged together a pretty snazzy costume (if I do say so myself), and got to do a lot of face painting. This I normally don’t mind. There’s something very cute and special about how amazed most little kids are when you hand them the mirror. No matter how shitty that ladybug looks, they still love it.

However, then there were the asshole teenagers. The ones that come in a huge group and all want Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs on their foreheads. Fair enough, except you’re all as annoying as HELL! The girl that got Prongs also wanted me to do a deer on her cheek. Are you fucking kidding me? Does it look like I can do a freaking deer?! So I did. I thought I did it decently too. What does this pain in the ass say, but “Oh my god, it looks like a moose!”

I wanted to slap her.

Then there were the people who waited in line for hours then complained that they could get it cheaper at Save-On. You know what? THEN GO TO SAVE-ON!

Teenagers and parents were snarkily and snidely complaining that their costumes, or their kids costumes were being overshadowed by others, and that the costume competition should be more fair. You know what? Painting a lightning bolt on your forehead and wearing a scarf is not really trying. When you’re that girl who wore sponge-painted swimming cap, paper mached ears and nose, and a pillow case to dress as Dobby, THEN you deserve credit.

In light of all this, these cheap-ass adults and sugar-happy teenagers, people were forgetting that this book was made for children. I totally appreciate that these books are read by and loved by all, but isn’t really about the little kids?

People forgot that. As I was handing out candy and moms were pushing other people’s kids out of the way just to get extra candy for their fifteen-year-old who was too lazy to bother coming out, I wanted to ring their necks. I have complete and total respect for Kwik Save, the store in Britain who, for the first few hours, refused to sell to book to anyone who wasn’t under five feet tall.

It’s about the kids, people.