Quarter-Life Productions Launch Party

Come one, come all!

All of us at Quarter-Life Productions are hosting a party to celebrate our venture into pre-production for our short film, tentatively titled, “Things I Hate”!

This launch party will provide an opportunity for everyone to come by and see what we’re all about! If you’re interested in auditioning for an acting role, helping out with either the technical crew or the art department, think you have any skills or talents we could use, or just want to see what it is we’ve been up to all this time, please come on down!

The party is happening on Saturday, February 4th, at Ashleigh’s house! A wine and appetizer reception starts at 7:00 pm, with a presentation to follow at 7:30 pm. It will be a lot of fun, so please come and check us out!

You can email quarterlifeproductions@gmail.com if you have any other questions or would like directions!

Thanks again!

Ashleigh Rajala
Artistic Director
Quarter-Life Productions

you know you’ve been reading too much derrida when…

I had a strange dream last night that basically confirmed all the things are on my mind right now. I dreamt that Darcie arrived at the QLP meeting (more on that later) with our business cards, and said that she decided to “redo” the logo. (our logo is basically a Q). The card was every letter of the alphabet, EXCEPT Q. She said, in a perfectly Derridean context, that she wanted to challenge the basic binary concept of present and absent, by showing that in order for the whole alphabet to exist without Q, Q would inevitably be present, because only by it’s absence, can the rest of the letters exist without it. Such is the problem with binary opposites, that for one to exist, the other must as well. Ie, how can anything be considered “good” if we don’t have the concept of “evil” to compare it to. BAH.

I must get back to reading my children’s books.

what to do on sundays

So, on Sunday, I went with Leah to that Sex show at the convention centre downtown. It was… how to I say this… interesting? I wasn’t sure what to expect, and neither was she (at least that’s what she tells me), but it was more or less what one WOULD expect… I guess. As you can tell, this whole topic unnerves me. Let me put it this this way, I had no idea that there were THAT many different sizes and shapes of dildos. I felt like I stepped through some sort of bedroom furniture into a magical land where all the vegetation is phallic-shaped.

On top of all of this, they did not give anything away for free, spare some condoms. Wahoo.

In the end, I bought two candles because they smelt pretty and made my way home feeling like quite the geeky prude. Then, stopping by future shop and hmv on robson in a vain search for red dwarf: series seven, I quickly confirmed my geekiness, and decided that I can wait until another night to question my prudishness.

first day of school (awwww….)

So… I’m sitting in the computer lab waiting for my first class to start. Sometimes I’m amazed by what I accomplish when I’m trying to kill time. My first class is Children’s Lit. I’m REALLY looking forward to this one. We get to read Roald Dahl, The Secret World of Og, Ella Enchanted, and so many other fun books! Also, the topics and perspectives the prof wants to discuss look very interesting as well. I also have a 2nd year English class, 17th and 18th C, which I’ve neglected to take up until now. Finally, I have an Arch class, Western Pacific Prehistory. That will be the last arch class I have to take. it should be okay, and all my friends are in it (oh, the draws of peer pressure).

Anyway, this semester should not be that bad. It’s my first complete semester without Chapters (can I believe it’s been three months since I quit? No.) and the only source of income I have is the SFU bookstore and student loans.

I’ll be kept busy with QLP (that’s all I’ll say for now), and I feel like this will be the year that I actually accomplish something.

Maybe I’ll write a novel.