my poverty explained! the recession: explained!

Today I was talking about superstition. Now, I’m believe in superstitions about as much as Richard Dawkins, yet sometimes something simply clicks in your brain that makes you question your entire belief system. I’m sure many Catholics might have gone through this when they found out the Pope used to be in the Hitler Youth. Well, they probably didn’t, but unwavering faith is what comes with being Catholic, I suppose. Anyway, an old Hindi superstition was recapitulated to me that if you leave your cupboards open it means that all the money will flow out of your house. *PING* Lightbulb. That explains everything. Not only the odd broken dish on the floor. Now I have an excuse for my blinding poverty. I NEVER close my cupboards. My Lion King coffee mug is waving ‘Hello’ to me as we speak. My kitchen-NAY- my entire house looks like a looted Sainsbury’s. This past fall I travelled all over Europe, cupboards gleefully akimbo the entire way! I was in London the day Lehman Brothers went under- it was because I left the locker door in the hostel room wide open. I left Canada in August, the economy relatively stable, and I came back to an inner circle of hell, all because I don’t think I closed a single cupboard the entire time I was away. Damn… this whole thing is SO my fault, isn’t it?

Author: Ashleigh Rajala

Ashleigh Rajala is an award-winning writer whose work has appeared in numerous journals, both online and in print. She is passionate about using story-telling to build community in Surrey BC, where she lives and works on the unceded traditional territory of the Coast Salish peoples.

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