hebden bridge settlings

We’ve applied for a flat in Hebden Bridge, a West Yorkshire town that boasts these superlatives:

Coolest Place to Live in Britain

Wettest Place in Britain

Lesbian Capital of Britain

Britain’s “Suicide Central”


Best Town in Britain
Aviary Photo_130255507719912511It’s the Commercial Drive of Britain. Wait, no, the Victoria of Britain. No, the Mount Pleasant. But it has lots of hiking, so maybe that makes it the North Vancouver…?
Aviary Photo_130255508017252470Regardless, it’s a lovely town full of independent shops and hippies. Perhaps not quite as hippie-filled as Vancouver, but perhaps nowhere is. And so much remains to be seen.
Aviary Photo_130255509140489710We are just waiting for the paperwork to go through and then the flat is ours! (NOTE: certainly something may and most likely will go wrong!)

Aviary Photo_130256251661120379After a quick furnishing from Ikea, we shall be moved in and cosy. Then it is all the organic food, art fairs, and nature walks we could want!
Aviary Photo_130255510819563967

Author: Ashleigh Rajala

Ashleigh Rajala is an award-winning writer whose work has appeared in numerous journals, both online and in print. She is passionate about using story-telling to build community in Surrey BC, where she lives and works on the unceded traditional territory of the Coast Salish peoples.

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