About Me

I am Ashleigh K. Rajala. The “Rajala” is Finnish. The “K” stands for “Kay.”

I divide my time between a variety of poverty-inducing ventures: writing for fun and writing for torture; watching far too many movies and reading far too few books.

I have lived previous incarnations as bookseller, bureaucrat, filmmaker, zinester, student, and wayward traveller. I studied Film at Langara after seven years at Simon Fraser entrenched in English, Archaeology and about every other Liberal Arts and social science topic you can imagine.

I am very good at Trivial Pursuit.

I am related to Dr. Samuel Johnson, writer of the first English dictionary, which explains my perfect spelling and penchant for black cats.

I once lived in a house in the South Hill neighbourhood of Vancouver with six people, four cats, one goldfish, and a vegetable garden for a front yard. We called it The Commune. It was where I lived with my husband before he was Husband, before he was Fiance, before he was Boyfriend, back when he was just Boy Roommate. Life was a sitcom and we were the “will they/won’t they.”

We did.

Once we ran away to England because we like having adventures. But we didn’t like it that much, so we came home again.

I have the personality of a superhero’s alter-ego. Only I don’t fight crime. At least not yet.

I am awesome. I understand a reluctance to trust that statement. I am about as reliable as a prophylactic that’s been in your wallet since high school.

But at least trust these fine folks and their glowing reviews:

“[Ashleigh is] everything John Lennon always wanted to be.” (Joe Verde)

“I’ve lived with [Ashleigh] for over two years, and I’m not entirely convinced [she is] an idiot.” (Dr. Roommate)

“If nothing else, I think you’re special.” (Mum)

6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi, thought I ‘d check in hoping to hear all is well, er… um… or getting better after reading your recent London adventures. Keep in touch.
    btw, you’re always welcome back 🙂

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