what to do on sundays

So, on Sunday, I went with Leah to that Sex show at the convention centre downtown. It was… how to I say this… interesting? I wasn’t sure what to expect, and neither was she (at least that’s what she tells me), but it was more or less what one WOULD expect… I guess. As you can tell, this whole topic unnerves me. Let me put it this this way, I had no idea that there were THAT many different sizes and shapes of dildos. I felt like I stepped through some sort of bedroom furniture into a magical land where all the vegetation is phallic-shaped.

On top of all of this, they did not give anything away for free, spare some condoms. Wahoo.

In the end, I bought two candles because they smelt pretty and made my way home feeling like quite the geeky prude. Then, stopping by future shop and hmv on robson in a vain search for red dwarf: series seven, I quickly confirmed my geekiness, and decided that I can wait until another night to question my prudishness.

first day of school (awwww….)

So… I’m sitting in the computer lab waiting for my first class to start. Sometimes I’m amazed by what I accomplish when I’m trying to kill time. My first class is Children’s Lit. I’m REALLY looking forward to this one. We get to read Roald Dahl, The Secret World of Og, Ella Enchanted, and so many other fun books! Also, the topics and perspectives the prof wants to discuss look very interesting as well. I also have a 2nd year English class, 17th and 18th C, which I’ve neglected to take up until now. Finally, I have an Arch class, Western Pacific Prehistory. That will be the last arch class I have to take. it should be okay, and all my friends are in it (oh, the draws of peer pressure).

Anyway, this semester should not be that bad. It’s my first complete semester without Chapters (can I believe it’s been three months since I quit? No.) and the only source of income I have is the SFU bookstore and student loans.

I’ll be kept busy with QLP (that’s all I’ll say for now), and I feel like this will be the year that I actually accomplish something.

Maybe I’ll write a novel.

This semester is OV-VAH!

Yah! I’m done, I’m done, I’m done!

Hurrah! I feel such a sense of relief. These were seriously the most stressful three weeks of my life! I haven’t really done ANYTHING other than study and write papers. I’m just glad that I don’t have to bang my head against a brick wall anymore. But it’s done! Yay!

I feel like I succeeded too, because one professor told me, and I quote: “Your term project was excellent.” And I got 30/30 on the other term paper. I kicked some SFU ass. I still can’t believe it.

Anyway, I’ll stop gloating (I’m just proud/in disbelief).

tell em, joe

Quote of the day (I just wanted to share it because it’s Joe Stummer, and it’s true): “Life’s about friendships, the way you love your partner, the way you care for your children. That is what life is about. Not anything about earning a hundred zillion dollars because you toured America more than anyone else. I want life to be about creativity.”
Joe Strummer, former lead singer for the Clash.

no more bookstore :(

Well, I did it. I quit. I handed my notice into Chapters yesterday. I feel confident about the decision, although I will miss the people (and the discount) terribly. When I left the office after tell my manager, I felt liberated and a little scared. But oh well, there are many other jobs in the world, right?


So… it’s been too long. School is back in full swing, and I’m already feeling the pressure. I’ve also been working on novel proposals to send to literary agents, to try and get The In-Between – my novel of the first series of the Savannah Stories- published. There is an interesting adventure to be had in here somewhere, but who knows what will happen?

I have a feeling this will be a venting entry, so be prepared.

Anyway, this is probably just the stress and general discontent talking here, but I’m starting to question exactly what I’m doing with school and work and all. I think this readiness to actually get this book out there has kind of shaken me up a little- and in a good way, I think. I’m starting to think that I should quit Chapters, just because I really need more time for myself- like a weekend every now and again. I’ve been apprehensive about actually quitting, because its something of a safety net. Archaeology is the same way. I like it, but I’m not passionate about it. It’s my back-up, so to speak.

Now, a safety net is a good thing to have, but what if it’s holding me back? I feel like I’ve been investing too much time in preparing for my back-up that I will completely neglect the rest of my life. I’ve been living and breathing my back-up, and at the end of the day, I’m really not that happy with my life. I don’t think I can handle this for much longer. I feel like I keep saying, “just these next few months” or “just till the end of the semester” and stuff like that. I’m living for the breaks in my regular routine. I feel like I need to break it.

I can’t- and I won’t- quit school now, and it’s kind of scary to think that I no longer have any plan. I was thinking that I would just get some sort of job in archaeology and everything would work out. Like I would go to grad school and stuff, but I can’t handle any more school. Now I have no idea what will happen. It’s scary, but a little bit exhilarating. Right now, I just don’t care what job I end up with, just as long as I can get by, you know, be able to get my own home, and be able to have a little extra spending money. Beyond that, I don’t care. At the end of the day, it’s not necessarily the job you’re doing, but the people you have in your life. Right now, I don’t feel like I have enough time for the people in my life. I don’t want to waste my time in a job that takes up all my life.

Oh well, I don’t know what else to do. If all else fails, I’ve been paying into E.I. for five years, so maybe they could give me back a little. I guess life is supposed to be this frustrating, eh? Hopefully, my book will be a best-seller and the movie rights will make me set for life!

It could happen!

It’s also my birthday tomorrow.


Well, I’ve managed to lug myself out of bed after a rather long and… hm, what’s the word- INSANE- night of selling HP6. As most of you all know, I work at Chapters and was enlisted to work the Harry Potter midnight madness event.

I scrounged together a pretty snazzy costume (if I do say so myself), and got to do a lot of face painting. This I normally don’t mind. There’s something very cute and special about how amazed most little kids are when you hand them the mirror. No matter how shitty that ladybug looks, they still love it.

However, then there were the asshole teenagers. The ones that come in a huge group and all want Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs on their foreheads. Fair enough, except you’re all as annoying as HELL! The girl that got Prongs also wanted me to do a deer on her cheek. Are you fucking kidding me? Does it look like I can do a freaking deer?! So I did. I thought I did it decently too. What does this pain in the ass say, but “Oh my god, it looks like a moose!”

I wanted to slap her.

Then there were the people who waited in line for hours then complained that they could get it cheaper at Save-On. You know what? THEN GO TO SAVE-ON!

Teenagers and parents were snarkily and snidely complaining that their costumes, or their kids costumes were being overshadowed by others, and that the costume competition should be more fair. You know what? Painting a lightning bolt on your forehead and wearing a scarf is not really trying. When you’re that girl who wore sponge-painted swimming cap, paper mached ears and nose, and a pillow case to dress as Dobby, THEN you deserve credit.

In light of all this, these cheap-ass adults and sugar-happy teenagers, people were forgetting that this book was made for children. I totally appreciate that these books are read by and loved by all, but isn’t really about the little kids?

People forgot that. As I was handing out candy and moms were pushing other people’s kids out of the way just to get extra candy for their fifteen-year-old who was too lazy to bother coming out, I wanted to ring their necks. I have complete and total respect for Kwik Save, the store in Britain who, for the first few hours, refused to sell to book to anyone who wasn’t under five feet tall.

It’s about the kids, people.