Quarter Castle Chronicles… chronicled

I am extremely thrilled and humbled to share that Quarter Castle Chronicles, Volume One, is now available in print and e-book! Quarter Castle Chronicles ~ Volume One showcases 13 short stories by 12 Canadian authors. They take place in settings across the country, both in the present and the past. From the rugged coast of … Continue reading Quarter Castle Chronicles… chronicled

consider the working title worked

I'm happy to share that one of my works has been included in the latest issue of WomenArts Quarterly Journal. Based out of theUniversity of Missouri-St. Louis, WomenArts Quarterly Journal (WAG) is: an initiative of Women in the Arts, aspires to nurture, provide support, and challenge women of all cultures, ethnicities, backgrounds, and abilities in … Continue reading consider the working title worked

Unmasked with Crab Fat!

A short story of mine - a slightly awkward New Journalism-inspired piece - is up online at Crab Fat Literary Magazine. Unmasked! is an expose of the long-since retired superhero as he at long last reveals his true identity to the world. I'm quite pleased with this piece, but I've been sitting on it for … Continue reading Unmasked with Crab Fat!

the review(s?) are in!

The first review came in for Redwing: Speculative Fiction Takes Flight. It is a glowing review from fantasy magazine Black Gate that also includes an enlightening discussion about the increasing visibility of small presses and what that means for niche readers and writers. “Ticker Tape Kings” by Ashleigh Rajala is next, a time travel story … Continue reading the review(s?) are in!

presenting Redwing (ta da!)

Ah ha! The much awaited publication of Redwing is here! Redwing: Speculative Fiction Takes Flight is available as an e-book for Kindle and Kobo. With ten stories for $2.99, that's mere pennies per mind-blowing experience! Somewhere within that epic of majesty is my piece, Ticker Tape Kings... a strange meditation on time travel and the realities of the … Continue reading presenting Redwing (ta da!)

half of all t.rexes were girls

My aunt was twenty years old when I - the first in the family of my generation - was born. She was mid-liberal arts degree and wore it on her sleeve. The blue onesie she bought me for my first Christmas quickly became a family joke. But I always resented the idea that a baby … Continue reading half of all t.rexes were girls

when I was thirteen a thesaurus lied to me

Contrary to the alleged wisdom of Roget's Super Thesaurus 1995 edition (what deemed it "super" the tome never explained): "poetry" and "prose" are NOT synonyms. Thirteen-year-old me did not realize this. I trusted the almighty power of the printed word. Old notebooks now hold embarrassing hand-lettered titlepages. Of course, by "hand-lettered," I mean letters cut from … Continue reading when I was thirteen a thesaurus lied to me

hark! a prophecy!

In the hallowed halls of Main Street, in the aptly named Cottage Bistro, there shall be a gathering, and this gathering shall be called "The Launch! with PRISM, Event, poetry is dead, and Room Magazine." The date of this party shall be the seventeenth of April (a Thursday, methinks), in the year of 2014. And … Continue reading hark! a prophecy!

a ROOM of my own… bad puns

I have a short story in the latest issue of Room, Canada's oldest literary journal by and about women! This print journal is available at bookstores around Canada (if you're lucky enough to a.) live in Canada, and b.) frequent bookstores, and c.) be capable of reading things undeliverable via an electronic device). The piece … Continue reading a ROOM of my own… bad puns

chiselling away at genre expectations

Over at The Steel Chisel, you can find a short story of mine, "Scenes from a Road Movie." This is a piece I'd been sculpting away at for a while, so it seems only appropriate that it be published somewhere with "chisel" in the name. The Road Movie is one of my favourite film genres. I … Continue reading chiselling away at genre expectations