Working Title

We fade in as the sun sets. In Hollywood, they call this “Magic Hour.” It’s brief but timeless in that way that so few things are. The first we will see of Nick is a thirty-five-year-old man: some wrinkles, but ultimately boyish. The production company ensnared a former portrayer of superhero sidekicks and sex-obsessed teens. … Continue reading Working Title

Kings Cross

Julie’s waiting at Kings Cross for Eric. There hasn’t been snow for a few days now so she didn’t mind walking to the tube. The station is busy like always. But I’ve let time unspool out before me in that way you can do after you’ve died. So it’s after Christmas now, and everyone here … Continue reading Kings Cross

Ticker Tape Kings

"A time travel story unlike any I’ve read." - Black Gate __________________________ Time travel always has rules. These rules bend to nothing but the will of the narrative. It is not the case in real life. In real life, I am told, time travel has one un-bending, un-breaking rule: you cannot come back. Lawrence did … Continue reading Ticker Tape Kings

The Stars / Les Étoiles

Just like Scarlett O’Hara, her dress was made from curtains. It was white now but it had once been purple. A long time ago before she was even born the curtains had been selected for the living room because they matched the wallpaper perfectly. She grew up in a living room of purple paisley. Everything … Continue reading The Stars / Les Étoiles

half of all t.rexes were girls

My aunt was twenty years old when I - the first in the family of my generation - was born. She was mid-liberal arts degree and wore it on her sleeve. The blue onesie she bought me for my first Christmas quickly became a family joke. But I always resented the idea that a baby … Continue reading half of all t.rexes were girls

the coolest I have ever been: a story about anxiety

The coolest I have ever been is the day I had eye surgery on my left eye. When I left the hospital with one pupil normal and one dilated, I looked the closest to David Bowie as I ever am likely too unless Tilda Swinton and I are in a horrible accident together and the … Continue reading the coolest I have ever been: a story about anxiety

latch keys

Sometimes I think how you remember your childhood varies with how much time has passed since. Each year adds another coat of paint tempered with pop culture and shifting perspectives. Childhood takes on this orange hue, as if a perpetual summer. One coloured with the clichés we remember from movies: bare feet, tire swings, lakes, … Continue reading latch keys

my mum, the superhero

A short list of reasons why my mum is a superhero. In no particular order. She wears a Batsuit. I once nicknamed her housecoat "The Batsuit" in an attempt to mock her. (It had to do with certain resemblances to the Schumacher/Clooney batnipples.) Like any person full of win, Mum turned this around on her would-be bully and … Continue reading my mum, the superhero

for christmas one year I got a jem doll and middle-class guilt

This is the story of How I Learned to Start Worrying and Hate Class Differences. I'm pretty sure most of why I grew up to appreciate Marx is encapsulated in this tiny little nugget of childhood. This is the second time I've had to write this post (as I've already grumbled about). Whenever such a … Continue reading for christmas one year I got a jem doll and middle-class guilt

hungry, hungry internet

So I wrote a wonderful (trust me) post about this Jem doll that I got one Christmas in my wee years. However, the Internet, hungry little beast it is, ate it. No idea what happened. Later, I shall endeavour to recreate the magic. But, for now, a little taste...