no longer resorting to nepotism for free dental

How can a week not be fun when I get to wear this rockin’ get-up:

Based on this photo, I was proclaimed by the great Joe Verde to be "everything John Lennon always wanted to be." No one can top that, apparently not even Jesus.

On the work front, things are always interesting. And by “interesting,” I mean: with each week that passes, I am more and more convinced that Mike Judge is a freakin’ genius because Office Space seriously nails it.

I’ve compiled the last month into a few favourite overheard quotes. These are the top five:

5. “The cops are shooting everybody!”

4. “I’m going in for a hot dog!”

3. “I’ve heard that Saskatoon is the Little Paris of the Prairies.” (Of course, we all know that.)

2. “Sir, sir, you’re cutting out. Sir, your phone is cutting out. YOU ARE CUTTING OUT. Sir– *click* Good afternoon, City of Surrey!”

1. “So… what do you… uh, DO here?” (FYI, this one was addressed to my face. It has since been proclaimed Quote of the Year.)

So, naturally, when I was offered a contract this week, I signed up. That’s right. I’m no longer considered an auxiliary “Summer Student.” Never mind that I graduated university in 2007. Now I get benefits and everything. No more conspiring with my mom to bribe/blackmail various dentists she knows into getting me deals on flouride.

I feel like a real person now. It’s refreshing.

How shall I celebrate?

New glasses, naturally:

Ive been told I have eyes like Liz Taylor.. and/or a transsexual trucker.

To top off this parade of joy, I’ve also been asked to contribute some of my personal zines to an art exhibit at the Anno Domini gallery in San Jose, California. Details to follow. Rock and/or Roll!

Only one way left to turn this party train up to eleven:

Clown nose. Natch.