milestone 2: home ownership

This is part two of my re-capping of the last year or so. 2016 was all-around a year of horrors. It is known. Somewhere in the middle of it, Husband and I found out that the apartment we were renting in New Westminster was being sold. This was the second time that had happened to … Continue reading milestone 2: home ownership

negatively fourth street is no more

Last weekend we handed over the keys. This followed a night of sweeping and polishing a floor that - no matter how much we SWIFFERED HARDER, DAMN IT - still could not be freed of all cat fluff. Those stray hairs and random popcorn kernels are a part of our tenancy that the apartment clung to, … Continue reading negatively fourth street is no more

positively – well, almost certainly – 4th street

This past weekend, Husband and I rented an apartment on 4th Street in New Westminster. This three-storey walk-up was built oh-so optimistically one year before the crash (1928). With views of apartment blocks, a cobbled road and a slice of an industry-laded river, it makes us feel like we're living in an F. Scott Fitzgerald … Continue reading positively – well, almost certainly – 4th street

an eventful week (or, “a week full of events”)

Last Thursday we returned on the train from York to Doncaster, enjoying one last chance to experience the UK with the carefree attitude of souvenir-shopping tourists. No longer was there a life to plan. Friday we enjoyed one last dinner with my aunt and uncle, our gracious hosts during this two month stint of ego, … Continue reading an eventful week (or, “a week full of events”)

on the embarrassing act of coming home

Today we fly back to Vancouver. The great experiment - one might say - has failed. I know that over the next week, the explanation will boil itself down to an easy deflection: one or two lines doing their best to contain both logic and pride. It took us several days and a good dose … Continue reading on the embarrassing act of coming home

british bureaucracy for the impatient

It's been a week on and we've yet to hear anything from the estate agent. It's been more than a month since the first job applications began and we've yet to hear anything from potential employers. Is our luck running low(er)? Or are we victims of the infamous British bureaucracy? It's something we noticed rather … Continue reading british bureaucracy for the impatient

hebden bridge settlings

We've applied for a flat in Hebden Bridge, a West Yorkshire town that boasts these superlatives: Coolest Place to Live in Britain Wettest Place in Britain Lesbian Capital of Britain Britain's "Suicide Central" and... Best Town in Britain It's the Commercial Drive of Britain. Wait, no, the Victoria of Britain. No, the Mount Pleasant. But … Continue reading hebden bridge settlings

stephen fry – a fortuitous symbol?

It seems quite ironic (or perhaps not ironic at all) that after discovering at long last the unencumbered joy of QI and the limitless glee of Stephen Fry's memoirs that we should spot him strolling along Piccadilly as we sip our organic coffee. I do not believe in signs or fate or anything of the … Continue reading stephen fry – a fortuitous symbol?

the last scene of The Graduate

This is dizzying, this running away to England. The excitement! The anxiety! The rollercoaster of emotion! As Husband said, it probably won't feel like we actually live there until months from now when suddenly one moment we realize somewhere along the way we adopted a new routine. Our alarm clock will have a regular setting, … Continue reading the last scene of The Graduate

the turning point

By virtue of waking up early to get everything out of our apartment, I am at work a whole fifty minutes early. The near-silence is astounding. I say "near" because a diligent few chatter on phones in the distance and the barista at the coffee stand is organizing her till. But the usual din of … Continue reading the turning point