(greater) vancouver wanderings


In remembrance of all those places I found myself in this city, as I leave it behind.

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flowers and canneries and new spouses

Photo by Fara Winestock
Photo by Fara Winestock

The most common question heard by newlyweds: “How’s married life?” Answer: “Good.”

The second-most-common: “How does it feel to be married?” That one is a little harder to respond to. Usually, I will say, “Just the same as before.” But that’s not necessarily true. There is a difference I was not expecting. Mostly, it’s in how the rest of the world views us, as though we’re taken more seriously or something, but there’s an element I found indefinable.

But then a co-worker asked this question, and when I struggled to reply she just smiled and said: “It’s just nice knowing that somebody loves you that much, isn’t it?”