the optimism continues

Today I was given the much-needed reminder that, even though some of the shine has come off the Trudeau Liberals, they are still an infinite improvement over the horrors that came before. I started working in the Social Planning section of the City a few months ago, and since then, I've been lucky enough to … Continue reading the optimism continues

the winter months

Sometimes I feel like an asshole for complaining about the winter when I live in Vancouver. I see photos posted by friends who live elsewhere in Canada and they deal with Real Winter. Real Winter, to me, is snow and toques and leaving for work half-an-hour early to navigate the ice. Real Winter only really lasts a day … Continue reading the winter months

an introvert learns to say no

I work with many different people whom one could objectively describe as "lovely." The problem is... well, perhaps the problem is me... but there is something that slowly wears away at you when you spend the better part of your day with people you have nothing in common with. (In that regards, perhaps that is how high … Continue reading an introvert learns to say no

british bureaucracy for the impatient

It's been a week on and we've yet to hear anything from the estate agent. It's been more than a month since the first job applications began and we've yet to hear anything from potential employers. Is our luck running low(er)? Or are we victims of the infamous British bureaucracy? It's something we noticed rather … Continue reading british bureaucracy for the impatient

plot twist: we flee from london

As my first day of being thirty years old passes, we find ourselves having forsaken London. We went out flat hunting, paperwork in hand like rifles, the tube like horses and hounds. After several false starts, I had to admit to myself that London just wasn't worth it. Paying a thousand pounds for a small … Continue reading plot twist: we flee from london

stephen fry – a fortuitous symbol?

It seems quite ironic (or perhaps not ironic at all) that after discovering at long last the unencumbered joy of QI and the limitless glee of Stephen Fry's memoirs that we should spot him strolling along Piccadilly as we sip our organic coffee. I do not believe in signs or fate or anything of the … Continue reading stephen fry – a fortuitous symbol?

the anglo job search begins

It hardly seems right that we've been in England almost ten days. It's been something of a fog, like we're stuck on a transatlantic cruise liner with nothing to eat but chips and tea and nothing to do all day but watch the BBC and apply for jobs.I am at the point where I can … Continue reading the anglo job search begins

the turning point

By virtue of waking up early to get everything out of our apartment, I am at work a whole fifty minutes early. The near-silence is astounding. I say "near" because a diligent few chatter on phones in the distance and the barista at the coffee stand is organizing her till. But the usual din of … Continue reading the turning point

ashleigh’s taco salad recipe – by request

This was originally requested by Amanda alone, but then I thought, "it is not my place to hold back genius from the larger world." So here it is: on the internet. ASHLEIGH’S TACO SALAD* Makes 1 big, potluck-ready bowl. You can adjust these amounts as you see fit. I pretty much eyeball it every time. … Continue reading ashleigh’s taco salad recipe – by request

the etiquette of facebook, or, “please don’t bring up those elementary school pictures i was tagged in in front of all our co-workers”

Even if Emily Post hasn't quite got round to adding a chapter on it, there are unspoken rules to social media. They boil down to Wil Wheaton's motto: "Don't be a dick." Here are a few: 1. Don't tag unflattering pictures. 2. Don't start comment wars over something irrelevant. 3. Don't invite me to play … Continue reading the etiquette of facebook, or, “please don’t bring up those elementary school pictures i was tagged in in front of all our co-workers”